Ed Mcmahon has died

I guess, for those of you who don’t know, Ed Mcmahon was Johnny Carson’s sidekick when Carson did the Tonight Show which was then taken over by Jay “The Chin” Leno, and now conquered and made funny by Conan O’Brien. He also did the publisher’s clearing house thing where he showed up at people’s houses with big checks and said, “you get money. It’s free.” Those commercials were on a lot when I was too young to own a house but just about the right age to watch TV in one.

I probably shouldn’t say this on here, but someone I know knows a guy who represented an insurance company who had a policy with someone rich like Hugh Heffner, who was being sued by Mcmahon for having some steps in front of his house. Mcmahon tripped on said steps [that’s legalize for the steps in front Hugh Heffner’s house] and broke his neck. This was a few months ago. He sued for like 2 million dollars cuz that’s what he said he could make if he didn’t have a broken neck. The dude that the dude I know knows that represented the insurance company’s job was to say, “yeah, right.”


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