Metal Mondays

There’s this pretty cool bar here in Glassel Park, L.A. called Footsies. Besides having a comfortable outdoor smoking section where you can drink, a more than decent juke box, and hot bartenders, it also has this thing every Monday night called Metal Mondays where different DJs (usually members from local bands, sometimes of such note as ISIS) come and spin metal records. AND, as Wayne Campbell said, it’s “always a babe fest.” My friend and bandmate Eric Harris were axed to do it one night and we said, totes. Usually it’s just Pentagram’s “When The Scream Comes” or some semi lame Hardcore so we wanted to do some real metal, not just proto or lame. We decided to get some dark, scary shit, as well as the endlessly epic, mostly going for jams that just don’t get played on most Metal Mondays and that capture what makes metal such a dynamic and timeless genre of music. Here’s our mix in case some of you didn’t make it, (Thanks to our brothers in Holy Grail. I think you were the only ones that got to stick around!) available for download, and streaming right here if you’re just at work or drinking beers with buds. But I suggest DLing it and putting it on your iPhone to listen to while you drive or bike around.

The track list is in the comments. (Slightly edited for length).

Download: Famine And War

Listen: Famine and War


One Response to “Metal Mondays”

  1. Track List:

    In Flames – Dialogue With The Stars
    Dissection – Where Dead Angels Lie
    Riot – Thundersteel
    Emperor – Cosmic Keys to My Creations and Times
    Trouble – The Wolf
    Suffocation – Funeral Inception
    Blind Guardian – Mirror Mirror
    Kampfar – Ravenheart
    Windir – Martyium
    Wintersun – Battle Against Time
    Mastodon – Shadows That Move
    Fall Of The Bastards – Slough Of The Despondent
    Rainbow – Kill The King
    Hammers Of Misfortune – Trot Out The Dead
    Psycroptic – Cruelty Incarnate
    Captain Beyond – Mesmerization Eclipse

    That last one isn’t all that metal like the rest but it felt like a good way to close things off.

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