Not To Hate On The Man, or Anything…

Good ol’ MJ died today. The self-proclaimed King Of Pop who once carried a giant statue of himself around the world to finally place it on the exact spot in Moscow where once stood a comparably sized statue of Stalin had a big heart attack and hit the deck. Some people today kept saying stuff to me like, “Michael Jackson molested children. He’s a terrible person!” You know what I had to say?


It’s true. The man was a genius and a lunatic so I’m linking up my favorite parodies of Jacko from over the years. Let’s all have a laugh, shall we?

The last one is kinda mean, but it’s funny. The Jonathon Taylor Thomas as McCaully Culkin seems totally avant garde to me.

Michael’s Genius lives on!

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One Response to “Not To Hate On The Man, or Anything…”

  1. Viva Micheal, may God Bless you….

    if you have time just visit my blog … viva Philipinas

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