Nazi Zombies

I’m not much of a movie guy. I find a lot to be boring and a waste of time. I usually would rather be playing guitar, riding my bike, or playing double guitars while riding my hawk in my American flag ADIDAS jump suit. But now and then something grabs my attention with a clinging fury until I see it. Dead Snow, a Norwegian film about 8 medical students who do an Easter Vacation in the Norwegian Alps only to be brutally accosted by Colonel Herzog and his ripping band of Nazi zombies, was worth my time. Part homage in several good ways to one of my favorite horror series, The Evil Dead trilogy, this movie was filled with extreme gore, good laughs, some actual scary parts, and not much cheese. I highly recommend this film to fans of zombies, epic battles, laughs, snowmobile tubing babes, and brutality. It’s in NYC and LA right now, but I’ve heard there are ways to see it for cheaper at home.

On another note, I’ve read that Northern Europe has a burgeoning horror scene that includes the Swedish vampire film Let The Right One In and I may go out of my way to see that too.


One Response to “Nazi Zombies”

  1. the nazi’s are brutal and relentless! and good characters die when you don’t want them too. near the end, their fates seem hopeless.


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