The Hurt Locker

I was just going to let this go, but more and more of you have not even heard of this movie, and it’s important. Yes, it takes place in Baghdad in 2004, but that’s neither here, nor there. The political implications of that are as necessary to the plot as the socio-economic conundrum of a bunch of white people taking over a tropical island in LOST. What’s more at focus here in The Hurt Locker is how god damn intense it is to be in a war zone. Not since the opening scene in Saving Private Ryan have I felt as embedded in the reality of combat while watching a war movie. The Hurt Locker is about a US Army bomb squad unit who’s primary duty is to respond to reports of a roadside bomb and diffuse it. However, the Sargent leading the squad is an adrenaline crazed wild man who eschews all standard protocol to get his hands directly on the bomb, never mind who’s standing by with a finger on the button. This movie gets into a lot more deep shit about the various psychologies of the soldier, and maybe makes an indictment against the banality of ordinary family life in America, but I’m not writing a review. This is simply a recommendation to go see an amazing movie that will have you sweating in your seat. No shit. Just check out the trailer below and link to the opening scene on Hulu.—opening-sequence


One Response to “The Hurt Locker”

  1. I was so rattled when I walked out of the theater I was literally shaking. Best movie I have seen in years.

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