The Cove

This is some heavy shit. The Cove is a documentary centered around former dolphin trainer Ric O’Barry who has been tormented and thereby inspired by his role in wetting man’s appetite for the capturing and revaluing of dolphins as mere dancing bears. O’Barry had a change of heart as a young man when, Kathy, one of 5 of television’s Flipper, looked him in the eye, took her last breath, and sank to the bottom of the lake, an act he can only construe as suicide. The next day O’Barry was arrested for trying to release other dolphins and his been on his mission ever since. This film has a lot to teach about dolphins and the industries profiting from them, but the central plot follows O’Barry as he enlists a team of activists and adrenaline junkies to expose “The Cove” in Taiji, Japan, a gorgeous piece of rocky island landscape exploding with autumn colored deciduous trees hiding the ugly consequences there for herded dolphins. The team attempts and ultimately succeeds in doing so by sneaking in at night to set up hidden cameras designed to look like rocks, made specifically for O’Barry by Industrial Light and Magic. The scenes of their first attempt and second success are as tense and exciting as the bank robbery  in HEAT up until when Val Kilmer drops his smile and raises up his M4-A1 to unload at Al Pacino. Unfortunately, there is no exchange of fire in The Cove. You want these people running this operation to pay with blood. What O’Barry and his team are able to reveal with their hidden cameras is nothing less than horrific. The captured screams of dozens of dolphins crying for help is an eerie and unforgettable sound. I definitely recommend this movie, but I warn that I was a little shaken, and on my way out of the theater I noticed a woman with her face in her hands who had clearly been releasing a lot of water into her palms.


One Response to “The Cove”

  1. alex nachlis Says:

    been wanting to see this, but i will have to wait for dvd cuz I dont think asia will have too many screenings of it

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