Canadian Scientists Say Zombie Attack is “Inevitable.”

Researchers in Canada came up with a mathematical model of what the outcome would be if Zombies really rose to feast on the tender goo commonly referred to as “brains”. According to their findings, a confrontation with the living dead would spell the end of civilization unless handled quickly, ferociously and continuously. Any attempts to capture and/or cure the zombies would only slow humans down in their efforts to survive, but would almost certainly only postpone the demise for mankind. Based on models for widespread outbreaks of non-fictional viral and bacterial infections the scientists believe that a large city would be overrun by zombies in a matter of 3 or 4 days. The study also shows what people are likely to do for work if possessing a real job in order to pay for health care is unnecessary.


3 Responses to “Canadian Scientists Say Zombie Attack is “Inevitable.””

  1. It makes sense to deal with it as quickly as possible before the outbreak becomes too widespread, but I think the human nature of curiosity would probably cause us to want to understand and potentially cure the problem before dealing with the threat with violence.

    I envision a Day of The Dead kind of scenario if we ever had a full-on zombie outbreak, based on that idea – capture a zombie and attempt to understand the disease while the rest of the world gets overrun.

  2. alex nachlis Says:

    I am Legend deals with finding a cure, and it took him so long, by the time he got anywhere, almost everybody was dead. SO, agreed, kill them all ruthlessly and quickly, and if the civilians get in the way, its all for the greater good

  3. alex nachlis Says:

    I want to see Zombieland

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