Lesser Known Politicians #2

Here’s the next in the series made by me and Chris Goodwin of US Presidents not on coin, monument, or mountain face. This week we discussed William Henry Harrison. Harrison, a Yank, had a hard time convincing Southern farmers that he was no foe to their way of life. He went on a 3 week whirlwind tour throughout Dixie on the campaign trail of 1840 speaking at town halls to the salt of the earth, letting them know they can feel safe in the hands of “Old Tippecanoe”. I attempted to convey the effectiveness of his presentation at one of our reading groups.

Apparently licking barn animals didn’t agree with him. 32 days into office and Harrison was dead of bacterial infection.


3 Responses to “Lesser Known Politicians #2”

  1. This is just great.

  2. James Barry Says:

    Andrew is the spitting image of William Henry Harrison. Kudos on your historically accurate portrayal of one of America’s finest presidents.

  3. alex nachlis Says:

    where is tyler?

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