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G20 Bike Chick

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I know everyone’s seen this, but I’m saying something anyway. I don’t care how long the people took to disperse, they’re dispersing. Orderly. How insecure and fragile does a big M.A.N. really have to be to repeatedly shove a girl on a bike who has another girl on the ground in front of her? It’s shameful. I’m glad she reacted the way she did. I completely believe she was defending herself and that everyone has a right to defend themselves against the police. It might not be the brightest thing to do considering the obvious repercussions, but, come on. What good are police, ever? When are they ever there when you need them? They’re part of an inept bureaucracy enforcing ideas cemented generations ago in a primitive society that was neither by, of, nor for the people. Don’t believe me? Watch The Wire:

See? Anyway, here’s that girl with the bike speaking for herself:



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Stuck dwelling on shorter and faster days and the same ol’ me. Had so much time to experience and learn. I used college as a platform to learn about girls, drugs, music. Some how I’ve learned more about all that since college, but there’s no half-assed degree to back that all up. Someday, I’ll move on, I think. Right now, I hope. Measures have been taken. Usually in frustration and futility, some with fraternity, at least. There’s more to life than proving to myself how good of a time I can have. I really want what I do to mean something. But this day’s tossing and turning trying to develop a plan to nurture has me feeling stagnant. I might even be stagnant. Some things don’t mean what they used to, and others I forgot meant anything, even for a moment. I get sucked up in anticipation for events that fleet, or in the excitement of finding ideas that can get me up anew. A stage, an acceptance letter, my own business. And for some reason those moments are enough, like holidays coming up that require all my attention, relieving me from what my dad calls reality, but really when they’re over I’m here still the same, still stuck, sensing something missing.