Helen Thomas, that old lady you may have seen over the years in the front row of White House press conferences, the only one that didn’t roll over and let the Bushites rub her belly, retired today because of some comments she made about Israel. In the wake of the Israeli commando raid of a flotilla carrying aid to Palestine Old Lady Thomas said that Israeli Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine” and return to Germany and Poland “or wherever they came from.” Of course, the Hearst News Service that she works for, the White House, and everyone else lost control of their bowels and put a big Gaza style wall in between themselves and Old Lady T.

Yeah, maybe it sounds on par with “go back to Africa”, but no one would have a problem with that if Africans came to the US by choice and started kicking everyone’s ass. If you have a sense of reason or rationality or non-dumbassery you should agree with Thomas. I, for one, have been saying something similar for years. Why would anyone as good at math as the Jews logically deduce after watching their family and everyone else like them murdered systematically that they should give up their beautiful central European wooded forest land filled with vast resources and a worldwide empathized mandate that it’s theirs now move to a hot, dry, ugly piece of the world surrounded by a whole other set of other antagonistic cultures and justify it with the predication of a god that doesn’t exist and in essence just abandoned them and their culture? It’s dumb. And like Abraham it begot a whole list of  generations. But instead of generations filled with tolerance and compassion or whatever B.S. Judea-Christian values the bible claims, they are generations of hate, terrorism, apartheid, murder, and ghettoization, thus one of the biggest hypocritical mass blunderings in human history. Everyone is too scared to admit it for a fistful of reasons except Old Lady T and now she has to retire. Dumb.


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  1. I think they left Eastern Europe during the war and not after it. For those who left during it makes sense, and after seeing such atrocities, why would anybody want to go back and risk seeing it again, living in the remains of annihilation. For those who left after, I think the latter reason applies. Now, why go to a place with less resources and heated contention on all sides, despite what should have been a big fucking neon sign saying God is Dead, or has at least abandoned you? The answer is that when all hope seems to be lost or you have just lived through a huge catastrophe, it is easy to see within human history that the answer for most people/peoples have been prayer/god. Maybe not priests or the church/temple, but prayer, religion. It is easy for me to see why jews would want to go to Israel: They were there before; it is the land promised to them by God (doesn’t exist). These people figured they could get back their promised land with the “world empathized mandate” instead of a land physically and mentally smothered in death and destruction. Yes, this led to death and destruction, but there is more to it. The creation of Israel coincides (a few years apart) with the beginning of English and American involvement with middle east resources. Israel becomes an ally, but whatever about that for a second. Israel becomes a country and is fights back when the people who were already there get aggressive. This is understandable. They shouldn’t have taken the land in the first place, but the people there were already sharing the land with the host of surrounding countries. Then, comes a few major problems in Iran with the Shah and the US/Brits, and you have the beginning of Islamic fundamentalism. This, as we have seen with the US’s response to it, is difficult to fight against. Horrible decisions are made in the aftermath of suicide bombings because the attacks seem illogical themselves. So Israel became strong enough, through US training and weapons, to defeat the surrounding militaries but not the terrorists. Israel wants peace at this time, it is the 70’s and yes they do many aggressive things, but peace is constantly on the table. Next, comes a few more aggressive Israeli actions coinciding with more terrorism. As the attacks (not a war, random attacks from both sides) continue, the people of Israel vote more and more conservative because the onslaught of terrorism is overwhelming. The same things happens in Lebanon, Syria, and with the Palestinian people. Now, all the possibilities for peace are political ploys by the US gov/media looking to keep the sanctity of the title “Peace Keepers”. The conservatives in Israel are waaaaaaay aggressive and dangerous not only to the region but to the whole world in pushing their enemies to far. Who knows what the reaction will be from the next generation. In the muslim countries, political parties with fundamentalist ties get in power for the same reason the jews came to Israel, scared people turning to god, or someone/thing that claims to be, but in a strong voice and sprinkle fire and brimstone.
    So in all, I think it’s easy to point to things that happened 50 years ago and want to send a problematic situation in reverse, but that is simply not an option. To me, the 2 state solution with a backtrack by Israel on current and recently built housing on Palestinian land dating back at least 10-15 years is the only option. It is difficult for me to blame the voting citizens of these countries, despite being so scared that they think the only option is to get aggressive, when they live in the biggest propaganda mindfuck in the world. I blame the governments that make money off terror so they perpetuate fear. If everyone there decided to get rid of the borders and share the land, and in response the people started going at each other with hundereds of deaths , it would still be better then mindless nationalized aggression that has no credibility whatsoever.
    What Helen Thomas said in the first part of her statement was great, the second half is as plausible as the god these people believe in. She should not lose her job over this, she should have the opportunity to clarify her statement, and when she does, which I am sure would be eloquent and sufficient, people should get the stick out of their asses. The smart move would be to criticize Israel strongly, look for support and press the government to do something about it instead of blindly allowing (and funding) something akin to apartheid.

    I hope that makes sense

    • I can see where you’re coming from. I just don’t see any rationality in what’s going on over there, but I don’t have a dog in that fight. I probably could have gone my whole life without knowing anything about it if I wanted to. I think what my feelings stemmed from was this taboo that’s been created in criticizing Israel. Seems like everyone has to apologize for everything they say that might seem as unempathetic to the Jewish plight. I have a netflix coming soon about Jimmy Carter and all the shit he’s taken for his critique of the situation. To me, what it basically comes down to is: The Brits and U.S. supported Europeans taking land from indigenous people to help get a foot in the mid east because of oil which was catalyst for years of catastrophe and atrocity on all sides and if someone is pissed about that they have to immediately walk away from a long and incredible career. Just a shame really. It’s not something I take seriously in political terms. That’s how I see it objectively.

  2. oh and to make her comment even more illogical, more than 50% of Israelis are jews from arab countries. So going home to syria or libya isn’t much of an option.

    By the way, this was her apology. “I deeply regret my comments I made last week regarding the Israelis and the Palestinians. They do not reflect my heart-felt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance. May that day come soon.”

    I said above that she should condemn recent Israeli land expansion but apologize for the ridiculous way in which she poses a mid east solution. Instead she apologizes for making the comments, not for telling Israeli’s to leave their homes and go back to countries their parents and grandparents fled under fire 50 years ago.

    Having studied some journalism, I loooove Helen Thomas. She was the best correspondent during the bush years with a direct line between the white house and the public, and made gender issues in journalism today a hundred times better than they could be. I wish she apologized differently, but I still think she shouldn’t quit (fired) over this.

  3. It sucks that this will overshadow the IDF killing an unarmed 19 year old trying to bring aid to Gaza

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