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10 Things To Avoid Skin Cancer To:

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I did this for a friend’s blog today. Check it out. She’s got other stuff that’s cool too. She avoided putting in a video I included so check that shit below.


Highway Steamer

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The other day my friend Tiffany asked me to remind her how to be tough. I said, “pffft. Listen to Deep Purple’s ‘Highway Star’ and drive fast drinking whiskey.” Driving while drinking doesn’t always work out, but the sentiment is dead on. So for all those out there who feel like they need some toughening up I bring to you my newest set, Highway Steamer. It’s based off an earlier playlist I made for another friend who needed something hot to listen to while driving her Mustang. So this also goes out to everyone that likes to roll fast and hard.

Click below to stream it.

Highway Steamer

Track list is in the comments.

the nigga flip

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Don’t be offended by the creator’s choice for a title. Nothing to sweat, especially when you see the gold on the other side of this link. I recommend it to anyone who’s been dating someone longer than 3 months and needs to spice things up.