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Helen Thomas, that old lady you may have seen over the years in the front row of White House press conferences, the only one that didn’t roll over and let the Bushites rub her belly, retired today because of some comments she made about Israel. In the wake of the Israeli commando raid of a flotilla carrying aid to Palestine Old Lady Thomas said that Israeli Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine” and return to Germany and Poland “or wherever they came from.” Of course, the Hearst News Service that she works for, the White House, and everyone else lost control of their bowels and put a big Gaza style wall in between themselves and Old Lady T.

Yeah, maybe it sounds on par with “go back to Africa”, but no one would have a problem with that if Africans came to the US by choice and started kicking everyone’s ass. If you have a sense of reason or rationality or non-dumbassery you should agree with Thomas. I, for one, have been saying something similar for years. Why would anyone as good at math as the Jews logically deduce after watching their family and everyone else like them murdered systematically that they should give up their beautiful central European wooded forest land filled with vast resources and a worldwide empathized mandate that it’s theirs now move to a hot, dry, ugly piece of the world surrounded by a whole other set of other antagonistic cultures and justify it with the predication of a god that doesn’t exist and in essence just abandoned them and their culture? It’s dumb. And like Abraham it begot a whole list of  generations. But instead of generations filled with tolerance and compassion or whatever B.S. Judea-Christian values the bible claims, they are generations of hate, terrorism, apartheid, murder, and ghettoization, thus one of the biggest hypocritical mass blunderings in human history. Everyone is too scared to admit it for a fistful of reasons except Old Lady T and now she has to retire. Dumb.


G20 Bike Chick

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I know everyone’s seen this, but I’m saying something anyway. I don’t care how long the people took to disperse, they’re dispersing. Orderly. How insecure and fragile does a big M.A.N. really have to be to repeatedly shove a girl on a bike who has another girl on the ground in front of her? It’s shameful. I’m glad she reacted the way she did. I completely believe she was defending herself and that everyone has a right to defend themselves against the police. It might not be the brightest thing to do considering the obvious repercussions, but, come on. What good are police, ever? When are they ever there when you need them? They’re part of an inept bureaucracy enforcing ideas cemented generations ago in a primitive society that was neither by, of, nor for the people. Don’t believe me? Watch The Wire:

See? Anyway, here’s that girl with the bike speaking for herself:

Lesser Known Politicians #2

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Here’s the next in the series made by me and Chris Goodwin of US Presidents not on coin, monument, or mountain face. This week we discussed William Henry Harrison. Harrison, a Yank, had a hard time convincing Southern farmers that he was no foe to their way of life. He went on a 3 week whirlwind tour throughout Dixie on the campaign trail of 1840 speaking at town halls to the salt of the earth, letting them know they can feel safe in the hands of “Old Tippecanoe”. I attempted to convey the effectiveness of his presentation at one of our reading groups.

Apparently licking barn animals didn’t agree with him. 32 days into office and Harrison was dead of bacterial infection.

Canadian Scientists Say Zombie Attack is “Inevitable.”

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Researchers in Canada came up with a mathematical model of what the outcome would be if Zombies really rose to feast on the tender goo commonly referred to as “brains”. According to their findings, a confrontation with the living dead would spell the end of civilization unless handled quickly, ferociously and continuously. Any attempts to capture and/or cure the zombies would only slow humans down in their efforts to survive, but would almost certainly only postpone the demise for mankind. Based on models for widespread outbreaks of non-fictional viral and bacterial infections the scientists believe that a large city would be overrun by zombies in a matter of 3 or 4 days. The study also shows what people are likely to do for work if possessing a real job in order to pay for health care is unnecessary.


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I woke up early this morning to go eat too much japanese food with my niece so I’m tired. All you get is a link to a good documentary on Vikings that’s on Hulu.

Vikings: Journey To New Worlds

And a rad viking metal song: Victory Song

She’s Fantastic. Made of Plastic.

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Some time ago some nerd kid I knew told me about a Texas sized piece of trash floating in the ocean. I took his word for it and soon told a friend of mine about it and he refused to believe me, saying that it would be impossible for such to exist without everyone knowing about it. Perplexed as to how I should now feel about it I then took it upon myself to do my own research. 4 years later, and a chapter I read in a book yesterday on the train, I have come to learn that indeed it does exist, and even some more deets about what is commonly referred to as The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Basically, how it works is there are currents that flow down the coast of California, across the Pacific, back up Japan into the Pacific, topped by the Alaskan and Oyashio currents that flow east-west, up and then back down, across the Pacific. This creates in the middle a slow-moving clockwise depression correctly known as the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre, and this is where all the garbage, 80% plastic, that flows predominantly from our coasts all ends up. The end result is a 10 million square mile heap of filth almost the size of Africa. It’s mostly made up of “nurdles”, micro sized grains of plastic that were eroded from bigger pieces, but are also the building blocks of plastics, melted down to make bottles and toys and shit. They are also the granules in most exfoliants washing out to sea with every soothing shower massage. Plastics act as magnets for poisons like DDT and PCBs. Because nurdles are so small, they get eaten by plankton thereby putting plastic at the bottom of the food chain. So for all of you vegetarians that still eat fish you might want to cross the chicken of the sea off of your list of snack time decor.

Since plastics haven’t been around long enough for us to really know how long they take to decompose it’s estimated that they’ll be in the seas and everywhere else for 10s of thousands of years. And there are six other major tropical oceanic gyres on the Earth, all whirling with garbage. According to Alan Weisman, author of The World Without Us “Plastic Debris…[is] now the most common surface feature of the world’s oceans… [Are] there any benign, less-immortal substitutes that civilization [can] convert to, lest the world be plastic-wrapped evermore?” On the bright side, when Galactus comes to devour the Earth all he has to do is poke a few holes with a fork, set global warming for MEDIUM at 5 1/2 minutes, give it a quarter turn, set it at HIGH for 2 minutes, let cool for 30 seconds, and then enjoy.

Lesser Known Politicians #1

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This is the first in a video series Chris Goodwin and I did on our computers. They’re mostly impressions of lesser-known politicians. We got all of our inspiration for these from a reading circle we had that focused on U.S. History that included lots of really captivating and inciteful biographies. One day, in a heated debate on the imperial intentions  of President Filmore when he forced Japan into trade, Chris stood up and recited part of Filmore’s letter as a citation to his point that pure economic aspirations were beyond any sort of future claims to territory. Later, because it was so moving, Chris did his impression again and we filmed it.

More impressions to come so stay tuned.